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oil painting reproduction
Oil Reproduction Painting
The photograph to the right shows work in progress on an oil reproduction Lichtenstein, Jar and Apple.

Ordering Oil Painting Reproductions
We work with individual buyers. How does our service work?
Tell us your requirement, which painting do you want reproduced, what colours and tones are you looking for, send us a jpeg together with the title of the painting and the name of the painter.
We usually paint on canvas, but what size of painting do you want? Give us the painting dimensions.
When do you need the painting? Oil reproduction painting is a complex process that demands time and patience, works are set aside to allow layers of paint to dry. Of course it's possible to do an oil painting in a day, but to do it properly and to replicate precisely the details of some paintings takes time, a complex work can take a few months to paint.
Use the contact form to get in touch, let's talk.